Best ways of using TAGs

I dont use tags in my posts and wonder if it is really necessary. What i mean is, i already have patrons, they read my posts. most of my posts are for patron viewing only and the public ones i send links to fb and twitter. I assume the tags are only for people already on Patreon who are looking for something?


you can use tags to use the (semi-automatic) “category” buttons on the portal page of your patreon site. For example, if you “tagged” certain posts with “funny”, you can let the portal create a big, ugly rectangle button in the leftmost column of your portal that says “funny”. If visitors of the site click on that button, they get a list of all posts that you tagged “funny”.

It’s a kind of 1980s “auto-content-management”, just without the design choices and usability we had back then :slight_smile:

Note that tags on Patreon are case-sensitive. Not that this would make sense (pun intended), but … it’s the case (pun intended).


thanks Marc

yeah i wont bother with them. doesnt really serve me much for what i do.

I use tags to organize my work by project. For example, I just did a huge oracle deck project, and tagged all my posts about it together, so I could easily show people interested in the deck the photos and videos associated with it.

I do this for each piece or project I work on. If it’s an individual painting, I usually tag it with the name of the piece. So, all my posts about my painting Maravilla are tagged together, and you can see the evolution, from rough sketch through all the revisions, to the finished piece, with occasional videos showing how I painted a specific section.

I find these tags really useful on social media, where I can use them to say “you can see all the photos and videos I shot while I was working on this piece here”, and give one link, with no clutter between posts about that piece.

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I find the tags as useful to me as they could be for present and potential patrons. If you can break your work into 5 main categories or less, you can use those as your featured tags and put them on your overview page. This enables patrons to easily refer to certain topics and shows potential patrons that you have a number of posts on categories that might be of interest to them. I use it to see which categories I have a lot of material in and which ones could use more posts.

I’ve also linked to certain tags in my goals so people can get an idea of how their pledge is making an impact. For example: my first goal was for art supplies and there is a link to the tag “art supplies” so people can see (or go back and see) all of the art supplies I’ve been able to purchase thanks to my patrons. I had another goal to go to museums and I have linked the tag “museum studies” so people can see the sketches I’ve done as a result of achieving this goal. Sometimes I share certain tag links to my social media to bring people directly to content of interest. I’m sure there are a lot of other creative uses for tags that could be of use to you.


I like to use tags to show the patreons a list of all available downloads for their tier.


I use tags to identify which tier they are from.
Example: $1 Tier gives you access to A, B, C while $5 Tier gives you access to D, E, F
In my tags the A, B, or C will be listed along with the pieces “set” - like “Silks” or “Lace” popular/most updated tags are listed on the left.

i decided i do now have a use for tags. and want to tag some older posts so they are all available in the listed section.
Is there any way to tag an old post. ie edit it?
doesnt seem to be.

Of course there is. Go to the post and click on the pencil icon. You can then enter a tag (or tags) in the tag box.

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Im a bit of a numpty and feel a bit embarrassed. after typing in a tag, i then would hit save. and of course this didnt save the tag, as i had to hit ‘enter’ after typing the tag.

lets just say it was a seniour moment and leave it at that… :-/

Oh I see, I’ve done that too, it happens :slight_smile:

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