Better Communication - Account Holds

This week I had the pleasure of getting a hold on my account for ‘suspicious’ activity. I’m assuming this hold was placed on the 1st. I got no notice of this at all. No email, no notification. Nothing. It wasn’t until Friday morning when I was getting ready for my grocery run that I checked my bank/paypal accounts and noticed that the automatic transfer never went through. I’ve contacted support but have yet to hear back. My window for grocery shopping for the next several days is closing and I kinda needed to do that this month. It’s a little frustrating and stressful.

I get that for safety reasons these things happen. It’s not the hold itself that is frustrating. It’s the fact I was never informed of it. Had I been told immediately when the hold went into place I could have adjusted my plans better to adjust for what’s now a week’s delay on my patreon funds, grocery shopping, and other errands.

In the future I would love it if patreon informed us via email or something if there’s a hold on your account and maybe be more specific on why because “Suspicious Activity On Your Account” doesn’t tell me anything. I know an automated email can’t be that specific but maybe just a list of possible reasons why holds might be put in? This way we can get a better idea of what is going on. As far as I’m aware I’ve done nothing wrong or out of the ordinary this month to warrant a hold but I’ve got friends who would stress like crazy not knowing what they did on top of being unable to withdraw their balance for bills/rent/food/etc.

(I’m not gonna starve, just to clarify. I’m just incredibly stubborn and don’t like to withdraw from savings except in extreme emergency. Also my bank only allows me to withdraw from savings so many times a month before I get a charge for it.)