Better communication with pinned Update-Post

As none of the frequently requested updates are on the roadmap for 2021, I’m going to assume that they are not going to happen in the near future aka the next couple of years.

Which is disappointing, but hardly surprising.

What I would like to see is maybe some sort of pinned post, where we can see the status of all requested/planned updates.

Something simple would be enough, like

  • anniversary billing: /roll out 2021/will be (not) optional
  • gift patronage: not planned

Even this simple sort of communication/keeping us in the loop would make the experience on this platform less frustrating and disheartening.


Hi @Katrin_Ils, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
We’re exploring different ways to keep our community up to date on changes, updates, ect. on Patreon. We understand how important this communication is for creators - right now we’re holding live chats (almost) every other Friday so our leaders and exec team can share more about our processes and current priorities. We understand this isn’t a foolproof solution, and certainly not a permanent one, but we’ll continue hosting these chats until we have another solution.

You can register for our next chat on March 4 with our new Chief Product Officer here!

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Is there a way to get the major points of the chats as a “bullet point list” afterwards? I appreciate the effort you guys make with these Friday chats but I rarely have the time to watch them (and then there is the time zone difference)