Better Early Access?

I’m wondering if we could somehow have a better version of the early access feature.

The idea would be, instead of making it public, I would have the option of dropping the post to a lower tier after a fixed amount of time.

I can already do this manually by editing a post and checking “notify patrons of this change” - the issue is that my higher tier patrons get emailed again by it and are confused and wonder if I posted the same post again. I’d like the option to “only notify new patrons” of an edited post when the pledge tier changes.

To be clear how I’d use this, and why the current iteration of early access is insufficient for this:

Currently I host polls with images on them in little “choose your own adventure” illustrations. I have a tier that gets to vote on the adventure, but I want all of the lower tiers to have access to the art I post in the posts themselves. Right now when the poll ends, I’m lowering the post to “all patrons” and resending out notifications. It would be much more convenient if it were both automatic and only notified new patrons.

Ideally, a better feature would be to allow polls to have an internal option to allow all patrons to see the poll and post content, and then have the option to limit the voting itself to higher tiers.


Agree with you and getting the option to dropping to a lower tier for “Early access” will be great…

+1 !


I asked for this…sometime last year I think?


This is something I’ve been wishing for too. Thanks for bringing it up!


thank you so much for making this thread @Watsup! I love the sound of your “choose your own adventure” illustrations. I’m bringing this up in our feedback meeting today :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mindy! :B


+1 to this as well! It would make posting SO much easier.