"Blank" pledges? Wondering what's going on with pledges without a status

As you can see above, there’s this weird thing that’s been going on with my pledges; a small chunk of them register as “blank” pledges, and as you can see these are people who have pledged successfully in the past, but starting with August’s pledges, this new status has appeared.

I’m not sure if not having fraud/declined/processed/pending, and instead just having nothing there, means that the accounts are broken, or that they did pledge successfully or it’s just not working, or something else altogether.

If I could get some clarification, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this situation since August, so it’d likely help out a lot of us :slight_smile:

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I can see why that would be confusing. Let me check in with the payments team for clarification and get back to you on this one as it’s not my area of expertise :slight_smile:

That happened to me when I blocked/unblocked declined and fraud pledges.

I didn’t block any of those pledges, though :stuck_out_tongue:

hi there! we’ve been checking your page but we can’t find where the blank pledges are appearing, so sorry about this. My best guess was that it was manageRewardsList, but there the columns and messages are in different order than your screenshot. I asked the payments team and they said your number look correct and declines are very low. They then checked your billing cycle but that status shows that all are processed. If you could let me know the specific place your seeing this (if you’re still seeing it) that would be a great help.