Blind Poll results, please!

Hey Patreon,

I run weekly polls for my patrons to vote in that help direct some of the work I make through the next week. However, some patrons feel disincentivized to vote because they can already see what’s popular. I would love to have an additional poll option that would hide poll results from everyone other than me until the poll was over! This, presumably, would be a very easy and low LoE win for your team to achieve that I’m sure a lot of other creators would appreciate!


I would also appreciate this being developed as a feature for polling.

+1 great idea.

I fully agree!

Please do this.

i have this problem as well with my patrons, which in the end results in a lot of intentionally tied votes as a way to try to get me to do more than my current funded goal. Which i made the mistake of doing it a couple of times as a way to also drive attention to my patreon, but of course this has now naturally bitten me in the ass as it’s now almost expected and criticized if i don’t do all of the tied votes by some of the more abrasive and newer patrons that weren’t aware that it isn’t a regular thing in the first place.

I would very much support a blind poll adjustment. Please.