Block spam Patreon accounts

So this is fun… some spam Patreon user started commenting on all my public posts tonight.

The “Creator” is

C’mon Patreon…

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Yes I’ve also been spammed by users and couldn’t find a tool to report them, which is rather odd.

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Further, I blocked this user and they were still able to continue leaving comments.

From the Patreon docs:

A blocked patron can:

  • view any public posts on your creator page

A blocked patron cannot:

  • pledge to your creator page
  • message you directly
  • access any patron-only post
  • comment on any creator or patron posts on your page

Indeed this is very annoying.

In my case I’ve received several times comments from NSFW creators which had some simple remark like “Awesome stuff!”, but where clearly just to get their name and avatar (which is also a link to their page) into my stream. I’d love to have a way to report them while deleting those comments.