Bonjoro megathread!

Bonjoro is one of our Patreon partners! It lets you send personalised welcome or thank-you videos to your patrons, and our partnership means that you get an extra 20% off annual and monthly plans - Bonjoro for a whole year for $200, or just $20 per month.

How it works

When a patron pledges they will immediately be added to your Bonjoro to-do list. This means you can easily record and send a personal thank you video. You can also set up triggers for when a patron increases their pledge, or when they delete their pledge, so you can easily send personal videos at those crucial moments too.


  • Create an instant human connection with every new patron by sending a personal thank-you video right to their email inbox
  • Make your patrons feel like more than just a number - show them some love at key milestones, and give them a reason to stick around
  • Attract more fans as patrons share your videos via social media and word of mouth

A lot of creators I’ve spoke to don’t know this exists so here is a thread for quesions, reviews, and support!
For those interested, here are the installation instructions.


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Perfectly timed! I have a question. I followed these instructions and Bonjoro on my desktop says the automation to import the addresses for new patrons is on and working. But I got my first new patron today since turning it on and they aren’t importing. I double checked and my automation say it’s set up and on. I wasn’t able to manually add their addresses on my mobile app but did figure out how to do it on desktop. But I don’t want to have to manually add every new member moving forward.

Is there any troubleshooting info, videos walking us through the process, or any other resources on this so I can figure out what’s wrong? Thanks!

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Here’s an additional troubleshooting resource from Bonjoro:

This was helpful, thanks! I followed the steps/video exactly. The only difference is it didn’t give me the page where I choose ‘campaign’ (around :55 in the video) it just skipped straight to ‘services’. I don’t have multiple campaigns so maybe that’s why?

I erased the previous integration I set up and did it again just now from scratch. Although it doesn’t seem I did anything different, who knows, technology is weird and perhaps that did the trick. I’ll know when I get my next member. Hopefully that will be incredibly soon, LOL! Thanks again!

Without making it more confusing, Zapier offers an integration between Patreon and Bonjoro which might make this easier! You can read more on that here. I checked with the Platform team and Bonjoro built this integration so their support team are the experts on the partnership if you’re still having issues, but we definitely want to create more resources for our partnerships in the future - that’s what @afore is here for!

Oh cool-- I saw that when I was googling the issue and wondered what that was all about. I’m going to see if just re-doing worked. If not, I’ll look into Zapier as an alternative way to set this up. Thanks much!

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I just got another member (yay!) and it worked-- they showed up in my to-do list on bonjoro (double yay!). Thanks, all!

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Oh how I love bonjoro,I think I might have been their first Patreon creator! Nice to see the integration deepening


I’ve only been using it a couple days and I’m having a ridiculously amazing time with it. I’m sharing them with folks on social media and encouraging people to share theirs. So far I’ve only used it with 5 new members – but wow! Today I did an, “if you become a member in the next 2 hours you’ll get a ridiculous message from me from the grocery store and I promise to sing you a funny song loudly in public in the meat aisle.” Sure enough, someone signed up! Seriously, this is great and really fun!


that is so so great to hear, Sunny! I’m also weirdly very interested to get access to a meat aisle song :smiley:

Here you go, Mindy! :joy: :rofl:

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hahaha that made my day! I’m so impressed with your rhyming game - how did you think of all of that while shopping?!

Hi all, I’ve been using Bonjoro for a while now but didn’t know we got a 20% discount. How do we get access to that???


Hahaha! I think that day I was with my daughter and I was all, “QUICK-- HELP ME THINK OF THINGS WE CAN FIND IN THE GROCERY STORE THAT RHYME WITH DUSTIN.” :joy: :rofl:

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@KatieThompson - use code: Patreon 20 if you already have an account, you may need to reach out to them to see if they can apply the promotion from this point on. This page has all the info.

@AmericanSexPodcast_Sunny you were certainly hustlin’ for Dustin :rofl: we LOVED it.

@natemaingard you’re still in the video as our example creator :raised_hands: