Bonus Download Feature for Patreon Creator Websites

Hi there,

our Podcast has been on our second livetour through Germany. We recorded one of our Shows and got the movie.

Now we are searchin’ for a plattform (even better a feature on Patreon) to give our audience the opportunity to download the movie (~2gb file) but to charge them once for downloading (2 Dollars + PayMoreIfYouWant).

A bit like Louis C.K. did this with his shows:

So actually Gumroad seems like a good plattform BUT we do love Patreon so we are asking: Is there a feature like this in plan? We would like to release the movie before Christmas.

Thanks a lot.

Edit: I think we do have a better Idea right now, but maybe this is a feature we/you should discuss in general. <3

I can’t really picture something like that for Patreon. It’s core principle is “pledge for every month or thing”.
If creators could offer individual commercial items separately, that would turn Patreon into a shop and actually make it rather unattractive for me as a user.