Brainstorming: $100 tier rewards?

Hey all! We are Magical Boy Basil and we’re looking to expand our support here on Patreon.

Every year we do an overhaul of our reward tiers but between creating a comic and supplementary content, as well as working a full time job, we’re finding it hard to find content for a $100 tier that doesn’t involve adding more work to our plates.

What are some rewards you implement yourself? Have you seen anything that really stuck out to you on other creator pages? Any and all ideas are appreciated!

Team MBB *

I felt the same way. So instead of offering anything new (as in requiring me to create more content), I offer my yearly and lifetime Archives at higher amounts ($50 & $200) than my monthly updates which are $10 & $15. Obvious this would mean you’d need to have a way to send those files (or whatever you produce), but it’s worked very well for me. And many times someone will.pledge at one of those higher spots for a month or two, then drop to a lower tier to get just the new updates after or they’ll be someone normally pledged at $10 to $15 who wants to support me extra that month. At first I thought there was no way anyone would go for it, but they do.

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