Broken payment help page

Have a look at this page on updating your payment information:

Note the bold text and link to another article AT THE VERY TOP, which describes exactly why I send patrons to this page: Why did my payment decline? How do I retry my payment?

Then click that link. Surprise! It opens a new copy of the page you’re already on. Joke’s on you, I guess.

Needless to say, it’s already a sensitive moment when I’m telling a patron that they’ve been declined, and sending them to a page with a maddening loop that seems to hide the information they’re looking for – that’s not the patron experience I’m looking for.

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Ah, support fixed the link promptly. Pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:


@ammulder I’m happy the support team fixed it before I could even reply :smiley: as always, thanks for letting us know.