Bug in Notifications?

This seems to be a bug I found. When I click on the bell icon to see my notifications I get the list of my recent patrons, and when I click on “Show More” it loads more patrons BUT it also duplicates the first five patrons listed on the top of the list right before the “Show More” link.


Yeah this has been happening for a long time. :confused:
I still get this issue, though it doesn’t happen every time, it’s more often than not.


Oh I should have added: I’m using Firefox 66.0.3 (latest)

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Hey @Maarika, thanks for making this post! As it’s a bug, please report it to our support team. If you’re wondering why, it helps us for a few reasons:

  1. The team hears about the bugs from creators as quick as possible (instead of waiting for me to relay it to the team)
  2. It allows them to measure how many creators have reported this bug and when
  3. They can keeps track of what bugs are impacting creators the most (by counting how many reports we get)
  4. The support team are the Patreon experts so they can try and replicate it, or offer solutions if available.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hey Mindy, I just want to point out that the reason people don’t report bugs on this form is because there is no “report a bug” topic on the form at all. The form you’ve been sending everyone to to report bugs actually has no option in there that even looks remotely like one that you should be using to submit bugs.

Someone should really edit that form to add a “report a bug on Patreon” option.


Hey @Watsup, thanks so much for pointing that out! Seems like an oversight for sure, I will raise this with the support team and see if we can change it :slight_smile:

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@mindy I’d also like to point out, like @Temrin, that this bug has been happening for a long time indeed. I’ve reported it 1.5 years ago, when it was already happening for a long time. Note that back then @erin pointed out:

Ugh, that notifications page! Just wanted to jump in and let you know that the Creator Experience team is aware of the, ahem, challenges with this page.

He specifically asked for feedback for the team. You got plenty. But all we got in those 1.5 years is a new skin featuring all the same bugs, and then when somebody raises one of the issues again he is pointed to a support form… What was the point of this forum again? It’s very frustrating to feel completely ignored.

Another example is the broken messages system, which still doesn’t provide a way to click to the message history with a specific patron, even though this basic feature was also asked for a long time ago, then I reminded about this a few months later and you @mindy thanked us for the great insight this community provided. Unfortunately, all we got was a slightly larger input field. A year later that’s still what we have to content with.

Many of the problems raised in this open letter still seem valid. What changed, is that there have been responses, thanking for feedback and promises about taking it to team meetings. Those are great things to hear, but it’s disappointing when that’s where it ends.


@mindy As of right now, if I hit the “Show More” link under my pledge notifications, it just fails. In the browser console, it shows a 403 error trying to load more notifications. That’s even worse than the double-loading behavior described above. (I’m using Chrome on MacOS.)

To be clear, it’s worse because there’s no way to see the hidden notifications – I can see from my public pledge total that a patron has canceled their pledge, but because there’s no e-mail for this and the notification list is broken, I can’t see WHICH patron canceled.

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