Bug: misleading/misbehaving early access

Under some circumstances, Patreon is showing either misleading or straight-up incorrect ‘this post is early access’ dialog upon saving a post. Here’s the process I followed just now:

  1. Create a post
  2. Select ‘Patrons only’ access
  3. Choose ‘Early access’ [Patron defaults to the post becoming public on Dec 20]
  4. Select ‘Public post’ [I’ve changed my mind, I want this public]
  5. Save
  6. Patreon displays a dialog box saying that this post will be embargoed until Dec 20

That’s incorrect! I have this set to a public post. I’m not sure the extent of the damage - was my post saved with incorrect information, and Patreon will carry out the wrong behavior? Or was the dialog simply incorrect, using form state from hidden fields to cough up a message that the back-end systems will later ignore?

Asking the team if this is a known bug – will report back!

Yes, this is a bug and it was unknown - the eng team is filing. Thank you for sharing this.