Bug on the payment system. People charged during a pause

I paused my creation page. I was feeling I was unable to provide to my patrons with enough material to justify the monthly payment. So I went through the procedure, as described here:

I also sent a message to all my Patrons explaining why I was not going to be able to work on the project for now, and why I was thus not charging them. This happened in May.

And then Patreon this month charged my Patrons anyway, took a percentage as any other month, and sent me the rest.

This is really unacceptable. It is unaccaptable for me. And it should be unacceptable for my Patrons. It breaks the trust relationship between me and my Patrons, forcing me to close my account or block my Patrons so Patreon does not charge them anymore.

I sent a message to the help desk. I sent a tweet to patronsupport. But I am writing here to warn everybody about this serious bug.


The lack of reply is kinda disturbing too.

Why invite creators to this community if no one is here to answer any questions we might have?

There’s no need to be rude or petulant. This thread was only posted 1 day ago.

I hope that this glitch is getting sorted out, because I have just paused my patreon page due to me wasting way too much time on trying to get this thing to work for me - and loosing that time for the important things in life.
Since my patrons haven’t been charged so far, because of some hickup with my account, I hope they don’t get charged now that I am taking a time-off from Patreon to get productive again …

I am planning to pause my Patreon for a month or two. Anyone know if this bug is sorted out? It should be, right?

I have another question that I hope someone can answer: what does my Patreon page look like when it’s paused?
Can new patrons sign up to my page when it is paused?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the status of this bug, but please contact community happiness for specific questions, they will know the latest on this.