Bug? Public post comment field has misleading placeholder text

I just made a public post with a little contest (within the rules!) - I was hoping I could get people who aren’t already patrons to sign up for a Patreon account, and get a little more comfortable interacting with my posts on the site. But now I’m getting reports from people - in particular, from lapsed former patrons - that the site won’t let them comment on my PUBLIC post.

This is what they’re seeing:

Please help/advise/fix!

I’ve been told that public comments were disabled a while back as an antispam measure. Public comments on public posts are an option I’d love to be able to have control over on a per-post basis!

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Yeah, this is one of those things where it would be SUPER easy to:

A) Make the feature optional for those who want it

B) Add a “moderation queue” where the Creator would have to approve any comments from Non-Patrons… I’ve had that feature in WordPress since 2003 or 2004, I think.


Ooh totally! A moderation queue would be the perfect solution for my need anyway; plus would have the added perk of Patrons getting to feel special because their comments go up right away.

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