Bug Report - Changing Pledge Tier Image

I have been trying to change my pledge tier images and I get the ‘spinning wheel of death’ whenever I try and do this on an existing pledge tier.
The images are resized below 480x200, and are .jpeg format.

Every time I try and ‘X’ the old image, and upload a new one, it just hangs, no matter how long I leave it.

Just for grins: if they’re saved with .jpeg extensions, try changing them to .jpg, and see if they upload.

Nope. Doesn’t matter what the file extension is, I can’t seem to change that image.
I can add that same image no problem to a new tier. But it refuses to upload to an existing one.

I get this a LOT on various parts of Patreon. Not dealing with your specific thing at this moment but if i try to block/remove someone from my project (yay bots/frauds) it forever loads and doesn’t actually process so i can’t remove anyone right now and i’m pretty frustrated with it lol.

Ah sigh. I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this! I’m reporting to the bug team and will report back.

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This is also happening if I try and modify anything in a current tier, including the name, description, or image.
It only hangs if I try and change the image, cancel it, and then try and make any other changes.
But no matter how many times I try, I can’t get that image to switch.

Yep, bug filed!

There is a supposed work-around: Hit x - save the changes. And then add the new image after saving.

However, this may not work - good luck and we’ll see how soon they get this sorted.

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That worked! Now, why I didn’t think of that…

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