Bugs in non-patron view of a locked post

Please open this post in a private browsing window (so that you’re not logged into Patreon). You’ll see the following:

  1. I am a per-month creator. Why does it say “Join now for $5 per creation”?
  2. I have created less than 100 total posts. Why does it say you’ll get access to “as many as 231 patron-only posts”?

Both of those seem like bugs to me, though perhaps I’m misunderstanding something?



Hey @dataschool, thanks so much for the report. This does indeed look like a bug, I’ll share it with the team. In the future, these kinds of things can also be reported here - if you’re wondering why, it helps us for a few reasons:

  1. The team hears about the bugs from creators as quick as possible (instead of waiting for me to relay it to the team)
  2. It allows them to measure how many creators have reported this bug and when
  3. They can keeps track of what bugs are impacting creators the most (by counting how many reports we get)
  4. The support team are the Patreon experts so they can try and replicate it, or offer solutions if available.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: