Build sales funnel

Does anyone know how to build a sales funnel and would be willing to help me set one up?

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Depending on how you’re envisioning incorporating the sales funnel into your marketing strategy, this can either be more of a strategic thing or a thing that takes a lot of time and effort to establish.

A sales funnel is mostly a visual representation from first-contact to point-of-purchase. There’s a few diagrams you can look at (some simple like AIDA models) and some are a bit more comprehensive including steps like evaluation and loyalty with your consumers. Sales funnels are marketing psychology voodoo stuff so, let’s hop down the rabbit hole!

On Patreon, there’s a noticeable trend of audience funneling where most subscribers are ushered in from other social media platforms which can be a start. Since sales funnels are all about awareness, habit-building and leading to the urge to follow through with their decision to the action, you’ll probably be starting with some kind of path that works with social media users’ internet habits that can translate to Patreon. Think of it this way – how can you create clickable or interactive content where your following is that feels similar to clicking and subscribing to your content on Patreon? That’s one of the keys to building the upper portions of a sales funnel – the habit. There’s an article citing an example of having to teach customers to click on links, starting with having them click on links of things that interest them, things they enjoy, and eventually introducing links to purchase landings.

An example of this is using your pledge URLs for specific tiers in some instances. By linking your followers to content they enjoy on a regular basis, you’re teaching them a habit and building trust because your followers are learning that the links you’re posting are worth clicking, even when later on you post a link that says “hey support me on Patreon!” They know to trust the link because they trust the links you’ve posted before and trust the content that has come with them, so this is just one more link with more of what they enjoy.

Deeper down the funnel when it gets to actually incentivizing the decision-making and action, Something I recently did was add limits to pledges. I calculated the amount in pledge earnings I would feel comfortable capping Patreon off at, and then added a high limit close to that number (1,000). While this doesn’t spark urgency in most people there’s a bit of a psychological response in some purchasers when they see that something is limited. This kind of stuff also relies on you having some measurable knowledge of your followers though because – well, look at clickbait. There’s a market for clickbait, they design clickbait around that market, but clickbait marketing practices don’t work on everyone.

There’s a metric ton of information out there about sales funnel strategy and how you can apply it to your stuff. I’d say read up some articles from Google that show some examples of sales funneling in play and try out some of them just to get the feel of it.

To get you started, here’s an article I pulled that’s a decent read for some introductory basics. As for the technical implementation of a sales funnel, that’ll come later once you have identified demographics and conversion goals for your consumer base and are ready to set something up you can track analytically using things like Patreon integrations with your website or how you time and promote links on other social media, video end cards, description links, etc.

Hope you find at least some of this helpful!

Thank you!