Building a Patreon Course to help all creators

I’m building a Patreon course to help each and everyone of you get the most use out of Patreon. What I’d love to do is crowdsource the things you want the most help with… or think you could do better… I’m going to be getting answers from the team, the way the platform works, and utilizing my experience since being on the platform from week 1.

What tips/tricks/ideas would you like to know?

What kind of walkthru’s would be helpful for you?

When you were starting your Patreon account, what information was hard to find? What would have been great to know that you know now?

This information is coming from someone who has built his entire business and has multiple employees and all of it is paid for from my amazing community and funded via Patreon.

Who Am I:

Stoked to help make something that helps the community, and honored if you would give me your feedback.

Much love,

Peter Hollens

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