Burlesque Ballet Music Collab

Hi! I’m a burlesque ballerina from Las Vegas and I’m looking for some musicians to collaborate with. If you provide me with music I can dance to on my page, I will promote you to my patrons as well as give you a copy of the video to share on your page.

I’m open to a variety of music styles, although my movement style tends to be fluid, so I prefer music that isn’t hard hitting for the entire song or at least has some softer elements to it.

Here’s my page, there’s an intro video you can watch to get an idea of my style. Thank you in advance!


Hi @Gamzatti_Ballesque, welcome to the forum!

If you haven’t already seen, we have a Discord server where we encourage Patreon creators to connect with other. I think this would be a very valuable space to find musicians to collab with on your upcoming project. See more here! :slight_smile:

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Oh awesome, thank you! I’ll check that out.