Calling All Creators!

TL;DR Get featured in our next brand video! We’re looking for visual footage of unique creator/community interactions, support, and love.

We’re making a new Patreon brand film and we want to feature you and your community in it! We’re looking for footage of interactions between you and your fans, patrons, community, supporters, readers, listeners, viewers, or whatever you call the people who love what you make :slight_smile:

Ideas of the type of videos or photos we’re looking for:

  • Live event interactions with you and your community (meetups, live shows, serendipitous interactions)
  • Records of live streams with fan interactions
  • Fans wearing your merchandise
  • Fans who have tattoos of you, your logo, or your work
  • Fan art created for you
  • Particularly heartfelt messages between from your supporters, or from you to them
  • Any collections you’ve made of things that your community have shared or sent you

There’s no need to edit it or worry about file size, quality, or aspect ratio. We just want it to be honest and candid. And if you have IRL art or letters, feel free to take a quick video showcasing them to us. We just want to feel the :heart: And remember, it doesn’t just need to be patron interactions, this is for your wider community and support network.

Submit here:

Deadline for submissions: 11:59 PM February 21st 2020


What’s the deadline?

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The submission page says by 11:59PM February 14th 2020. It must have been added after you asked.

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Thanks! I didn’t think to check the submission page, so it might have been there the whole time! even the best of us have lapses!

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It was there the whole time! but I’ll add it to the main post for visibility too :slight_smile:

I have an old video of me bursting into overwhelmed happy tears when I got a surprise handmade collage book from my patrons for my birthday! It’s already on youtube, can I just share the link, or does it have to be an upload? Here it is in the meantime:


Sharing the link is just fine, thank you! I watched it and it made me tear up at my desk :sob: :heart_eyes: such a beautiful gifts, thank you so much for sharing.


Oh goodness. I’m going to have to submit videos from Our first and second annual Spartan Races with Patrons! Last year we had nearly 50 people from our patreon page run a spartan race with us!


@JordanB that sounds amazing and I cannot wait to see it :smiley:

I watched it again, too, and cried. Gets me every time :sob::heart_eyes:

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This is great. Thank you @mindy! Looking through my “pixie dust” folder where I save pictures of thank you cards and other positive feedback right now… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Done! I submitted photos and video clips from my independently-produced, and patron-backed, multi-city tour that I did in Fall 2019. I’m eternally grateful to my patrons for providing the financial means for me to cover the $13K in expenses that I spent to make the tour happen. None of that came out of my pocket, nor did I have to beg sponsors or grant providers. It all came from the money I collected from patrons month-to-month since Oct 2017.


thank you @lrhall so much! I absolutely loved reading your submission and seeing your photos; you can really feel the :heart:

@mindy right? I was on the road for 5-weeks in total. I told my patrons that although I missed home, I was never homesick due to all the love I got while on the road. Patrons picked me up from the airport, drove me to my AirBnB, gave me gifts, and honoured my introverted nature by giving me space at the workshops. One patron allowed me to stay at her AirBnB for free which helped lessen some of the expenses.

It was a magical, beautiful experience and I hope to do it again this fall with more cities! For now, I revel in the memory of this first tour and what my patrons allowed me to do.


Sounds wonderful! Thanks for asking. However, I’m a little reluctant about sending such private love from my patrons. Can you guarantee they will be anonymous? A lot of my patrons care a lot about that…
Plus, most of their love to me is in text, I’m not sure that’s interesting for your project…

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You’re welcome @asmrtistsfavorites! I completely understand your concern about your patrons privacy, thank you for sharing them.

First and foremost, we don’t want you to send anything you’re not comfortable with. These can be very personal moments so I appreciate wanting to tread carefully. I know other creators are checking with their patrons or the person who sent things in to double check that they’re ok with it and on board. On our end, we’ll make sure nothing we use is personally identifiable and is handled with care.

Your text-love definitely sounds interesting! We can still use it if it’s legible, clear, and not too long. You can always send it in doubt and we’ll only use if it makes sense :slight_smile:

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OMG, thank you for sharing this. All the feels, how beautiful :blue_heart:

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Great! Thanks for your answer. I’ve asked two of my patrons especially at first. Because they were telling me how my ASMR helps them with their PTSD, depression and insomnia. I hope I get to share. :slight_smile:

And a patron might be sending me something for Valentine’s day and I’ve asked if I can film me opening that etc.

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Yes, all the feels @natemaingard . I cried (in private), marveled, got angry at times because I was lugging around a suitcase the size of a child and aggravated some old injuries, and was happy about what Patreon has allowed me to do.

And @mindy, on my end, everyone who attended the workshop on my multi-city tour, patrons and their friends/colleagues, signed a release form, giving me permission to do with the photos and video clips as I see fit.