Can I get help with the Patreon API with the OAuth?

Hello I been trying to work on the api Oauth for a couple of months, and I just can’t make heads or tails of it. I am just trying to be able to have a button that one would click that would connect to patreon, get their current pledge level, and save it in my database. I been using PHP. Can I have some help maybe?

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Hey there! We recently updated our documentation to live at - please let me know if those aren’t good enough - and if you have suggestions we’d love you to make an issue or a pull requests on the docs source directly!

We admittedly make mistakes and do confusing things all the time, so if you need help on something that doesn’t make sense, we’re standing by at to help you directly if you need that.


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Thanks! I understand, and still trying to decipher it. I don’t think it is a problem with the documentation itself, as much as it is with me. I am much stronger with html/css than I am with any programming language that is current.

I sent an email in hopes that perhaps more information could be shared.

Hi YFTechno,

It’s not really a task you would immediately want to try and tackle if you aren’t too familiar with PHP or the likes.

A first step would be to understand OAuth and how the information flows from your server to Patreon and back again:

Once you are familiar with how oauth works, it should hopefully make a bit more sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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I for the most part understand how it OAuth works (though I will read what you posted, just in case I am mistaken). And I would love not want to do it, but I really need it to work, so I am trying my best for it.

My biggest issue is I am not understanding how to get the information I need from the request? Like I said, I am just trying to be able to get the user’s tier.

Will continue in research though, thanks!

Hey YF, this should help you - its adapted from the code @

But it is the way to fetch a pledge object from the api response. Substitute XXXXXXXXXXXXX with your creator ID.

$user_response is the response from the Patreon API after you have already got a token to work with.


$pledge = false;

if (array_key_exists('included', $user_response)) {
	foreach ($user_response['included'] as $obj) {
		if ($obj["type"] == "pledge" && $obj["relationships"]["creator"]["data"]["id"] == XXXXXXXXXXXXX) {
			$pledge = $obj;



Hope this answers your question!

sorry the formatting is really hard here

Hey all! Cool news. ~10 days ago we created a forum for anyone using the API (creators and developers/partners) to converse - should be a faster place to get responses and see others’ questions:

That is good to know, I will have to check it out!

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We’ve also been fighting with oauth, what we have found is that it is easier (if I am correct in assuming you are also trying to get similar data to what we are trying to get) to just run a headless browser to log in as you and grab your patron list to parse.