Can I limit monthly $ visibility to just Patrons?

Hi, I don’t see an option to limit the amount of money I make a month to just Patrons.

I cover news & politics so I feel an obligation to be more transparent with my finances to my supporters, but I also don’t need the world to see what I’m making per-month. There should be a way to limit that to patrons-only, where it should even say to non-patrons “Monthly income visible to patrons-only.” So that there’s an awareness of that transparency to non-patrons as well.


Hi there @DavidDoel, thanks for the is feature request. This is a great idea! It makes total sense to me that you’d like to be transparent with your patrons and inner community, but don’t necessarily want that information available to the general public. I’ve recorded this request for the product team to consider as they plan and prioritize what to build next.