Can someone please CANCEL my ticket ASAP?

Bit of a long story here, but I was having trouble changing to Charge Up Front because I don’t have a cell phone so couldn’t get a verification code. I submitted a ticket and support said could do it for me if I provided some info to verify which I did. However in the meantime I found a work around to the SMS issue, so I was able to get my own verification code. So I’m now verified and can make the change whenever I want.

I decided I want to wait past the end of the month to make the switch, but I sounds like staff is ready to switch it for me. I no longer need them to do that.

Can someone please mark my Ticket # 368669 as “resolved” and cancel it? I’ve sent a reply on the ticket requesting the cancellation, but I just wanted to get some extra eyes on it

Thank you.

Thanks for making the post! I’ll be sure to let the team know :slight_smile:

I got a notice that the ticket has been cancelled :slight_smile: Thank you!

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