Can you market to other patreons, my patreon might help?

I do journalism and blogging and can potentially help other patreons write promotional materials and perhaps get published.

Perhaps some other patreons could use me if they’re creatives who do newsworthy things and might need a little bit of extra help publicizing themselves (particularly in formalized press outlets):

Alternatively, perhaps people on this board might give me advice on how best to appeal to other patreons in this way

Hey @Orrin_Konheim, so glad you reached out! We have a thread for writers to introduce themselves and connect. Click here: Introductions to say hi :wave:

We also have a Community Discord server where you can streamline your connection with other creators. I know many are managing their own newsletters and blogs. Additionally, the Discord server is a great way to seek advice and see how other creators approach their benefits.

Hope this helps!