Cannot revert to pay per creation from Charge up front

I changed to Charge up front and did not notice that I would never be able to charge per creation again. I have just been hospitalised and will be unable to produce content at the rate my patrons expect for the amount they are currently pledging. So now my only option is to a) tell all my patrons to reduce their pledges, b) pause my page completely or c) build a new one from scratch and charge per creation (who would ever do that)? I have been offered no plausible reason for why this decision has been made other than that it’s a technical reason. As someone fairly familiar with what is possible technologically nowadays, I find this completely fishy. Rather I think that Patreon has an agenda. Or there’s a logical reason I haven’t been provided with. Regardless, why can’t a solution be found that allows us flexibility to switch between different types of payments when unexpected life events happen. If you are thinking about moving to Charge up Front, I would think twice.