Can't Edit My Patreon Page

So, I’ve been a Patreon creator for over 2 years. Most recently I’ve encountered some trouble in trying to edit my Patreon page.

Right now I merely want to look at my reward levels. They seem to have vanished from my page. I’m considering altering them. Has anyone else encountered this?

Before I contact Patreon’s tech support I thought I should see if I’m an isolated case. I use Mac OS X with Google Chrome as a browser.

Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea of what I’m seeing. When I click on the Edit texts nothing happens.

Just looked at it from a patron POV and it looks much like you’ve got there. The rewards aren’t on that main page, however if you click “pledge to creator” they are all listed there. I know that’s not any help, but at least if you get any potential patrons they can still choose a reward tier to pledge to. Hope it gets sorted out soon.