Censorship - I Cannot Even Link to My Website

The same website I have had from the very beginning.
Are you still going to tell me that your guidelines have not changed, Patreon?

The words haven’t, I know, but you didn’t even know what the exact guidelines were, did you? The transparency that Paypal was NOT offering when you joined forces with them has now backfired on you, and you have all these adult content creators that you courted and reassured that all would be fine.

Now you have to bow down to Paypal’s wishes, unless you are willing to find another payment processor. I realistically don’t see you doing that. Because in the sex-negative banking world - they hold all the power. FetLife went through the same dilemma; no one will process payments unless they can censor the hell out of everything you offer. I had hoped you were different. You reassured me you were. Now I discover you were making assurances that you didn’t even have the power to fulfill. Paypal has the power.

Here’s the latest from Fred:

Hi Ruby,

In the interest of getting this process initiated so that we can get you reactivated before the end of the month, I am going to list you the following content that is outside of our Community Guidelines and needs to be updated. This list is by no means exhaustive and only goes as far back as your post on September 24, 2017 at 12:00pm.

I will continue reviewing past that date if you need more assistance once we’re further along in this process and I will try to keep an eye out for your response over the weekend.

The following posts on your Patreon page need their images either removed or changed to something that is within our guidelines because they violate our policies on pornography (please excuse any redundancies):


The following content cannot be linked to your patrons through your presence on Patreon in any way because they violate our policies on pornography:


The following content on your blog must either be unlinked or edited so that it does not have images or other content that violates our policies on pornography:


Please let me know when you’ve made these changes. Hopefully these examples will help you understand any ambiguities in our policy so that you can get a head start on any remaining violating content that I have yet to include here. Keep me posted on this process and don’t hesitate to let me know if you need any additional clarification or assistance.

Thanks for your patience.


And not a mod in sight.

its the weekend, so they all get time off while the rest of us wait for them to give us permission to make them money again.

e: although i’m not sure why they disappeared on thursday and friday entirely

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Because you’re not paying attention.


thats actually not a satisfying answer as to why patreon’s help and support staff is AWOL and its super bonkers to assert its normal for the customer service part of a company to be unavailable for 4 straight days
e: like im not crazy right, why are the people that run the site on a day to day basis being sent to do con work

i am wildin out, thats their actual defense for having no help and support staff?!

But they keep saying that they totally support and fight for all of us adult content creators whose pages they suspended en masse without sufficient support staff to deal with the fallout…

Here is my latest reply to Fred:

Okay, Fred.
Check my page please.
You win. Or rather, Paypal does. And Patreon caves in its ‘support’ of adult content providers. Just so I name what is going on here.
All the Best,

I sent this after neutering my page to a shadow of its former self. Patreon is nothing but a payment processor for me at this point. There is no point for me to ever send Patrons to Patreon beyond just signing up to support me.

Okay - here is the end of the Patreon story:
Okay, Fred.
Check my page please.
You win. Or rather, Paypal does. And Patreon caves in its ‘support’ of adult content providers. Just so I name what is going on here.
All the Best,

Hi Ruby,

Thanks so much for making these changes.

I know this experience has not been a great one. I hear you. I wish these conversations were ones we didn’t need to have and I appreciate your continued patience throughout this whole process and willingness to stick with us.

It’s possible in the future that we’ll find better ways to accommodate adult creators on our platform. Right now though is unfortunately not that time and our policies will remain what they are. If you have any thoughts or feedback about this, I’m happy to hear it.

All of that said, I’ve reactivated your account! Your page is fully within guidelines and good to go.

I noticed you elected to delete most of your posts that had violating content as well as links to your blog. I want to reiterate that it was usually only the imagery or the direct links to porn that were outside of guidelines and needed to be changed. Written erotica, blog content (so long as the picture on it wasn’t porn), toy reviews, podcasts, etc. were all totally fine, so please feel free to continue posting all of that content! The changes I asked of you were already pretty heavy handed and I hate to see you go overboard in removing work you don’t have to. If you’re trying to be safe, I’m always happy to take a look at anything you’re not sure about posting ahead of time to ensure smooth sailing.

I hope you continue to find a home on Patreon. We’re happy to have you. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out to me if you have any questions or anything else you want to discuss. Whether you want to clear content by me ahead of time, have feedback about this process or our policies, or talk about anything else in between, I’m here and I’ll address what I can.

Thanks again and carry on!

Patreon is now a glorified payment processor for me. I intend to put no creative content there - why would I? And drive traffic to a platform that tried to destroy the creative continuity of my Patreon page AND my blog? All the while denying that anything had changed? No thank you.

Thanks a lot, Patreon. Thanks for the loyalty and thanks for fighting for adult content creators. /Sarcasm
You just jerked the rug out from underneath me after reassuring me all was well. That piece of manipulation was quite nicely done.

And if it wasn’t intentional manipulation, you can’t even be transparent about what is really going on!

Hi @RubyRyder.

Just out of curiosity: what happened exactly?

Most of the links you shared are (of course) not working anymore, so I couldn’t tell.

Were them NSFW public posts?


Of course they weren’t.

You want the whole story?
It’s here - every word.

At the time that letter was written requesting things to be removed, there was not a single public post on my Patreon page. Not a one. And many of those links are asking me to take content down on my blog if I wanted to link to it. Yeah - same blog I linked to from day one in May of 2016.

So I took it all down rather than compromise my blog.

Now Patreon is a payment processor, nothing more.

You say Patreon is now a payment processor, nothing more.

What were they before, friends? They’ve never stood up for adult creators, and they never will. Deep down inside you already know the situation will get worse. Step by step.

Fred is playing nice here, but what you can’t see is that he currently laughs at the situation, laughs at desperate creators that are now scared because he has the power to shut down all their creative work within the blink of an eye. I’m waiting for his response for two days…and if he says something like: ‘You have to replace all your images with cute cat memes!’ Then I would most likely end up doing it :frowning:

I hear your anger. Me, too.
But…That’s a little black and white.
Friends? No. A useful patron platform that (at first) censored me very little? Yes.
Fred is just a person doing his job. I don’t know whether he’s laughing, and frankly I don’t care. But Fred doesn’t make the decisions, Jack Conte does.

If Patreon is your only creative platform, I can’t imagine how hard that must be to have your work censored so harshly. Luckily I have 2 well-established blogs and a slew of podcasts to fall back on that I can disconnect from Patreon completely.

But do these blogs pay you?

I got a 25k instagram account and a 5k twitter account 1k facebook followers. But it all leads to my main income source: patreon.

For me it is a valuable lesson. Right before this happened I wanted to go full time on gamemaking. If this would have happened when I just quit my job I would have freaked out. Now I will definetly look for a 2nd source of sustainable income first before I take that step.

My main income source is Patreon, too, but all of my content on Patreon was mostly just duplicates from what I posted on my blog. I very intentionally did not upload anything (podcasts, photos) to Patreon, I just put links to where those things were hosted on my blog.

Do I have a payment processor for my blog apart from Patreon? Not really. Just a donate button.

When I say disconnect completely - I mean content, not patronage.