Change the Early Access

I LOVE the concept HOWEVER, I do believe it could be better. What if I don’t want to share the post with the rest of the world?

What if I want people in Tier 1 to get access 5 days after Tier 2? And then give the world access to it in 6 months? I think this feature should be given more options to make it much better.


This has been a pretty popularly requested feature. While I probably wouldn’t use it myself, I definitely see the advantage in having the option.


Me too. Me too. I also strongly request for this. It’s been troublesome for me and my writing.

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Oh this would be fantastic! I would love to be able to give higher tiers the first look at stuff and roll it through the rest as time goes on.


I came here to suggest this same thing.

I give certain tiers early access to all of my content for two weeks. Then I have to go back through my posts almost every day to turn many of the now-public posts back into patron-only ones (not everything I create becomes free to the public).

How about a window that pops out when you select early access? This window could list your tiers and then public, and under each tier/public you could give a date/time it becomes available (including “never” so some posts can remain patron-exclusive).

This would end up saving me, personally, a lot of time.

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Hi all! :wave: Sherene here from the Patreon marketing team.

This would be fantastic - thank you for raising and taking the time to write out how this feature might work for you. I’ve taken this thread directly to the product team.

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