Changing Post Access Bug

I have asked for a feature which allows me to change the level of access on a post after a certain period of time. Like the Set early access feature but for different pledge levels.
So as a result of not having the feature, I have been going through and manually setting each posts access level over time. Eg. $5 Patrons get a video for a week, then $2, then $1, and finally to the public.

The problem is, as I have been informed by Patrons, is that the post doesn’t show up on anyone’s feed if the access for it has been moved from $5 to $2 or $1. The only way Patrons are able to see or access the post is via the email that gets sent when access is granted or the post is reposted again.

As this doesn’t happen with the set early access feature for the public, my guess is hat this is a bug solely from changing the level of Patron access.

Can we get this fixed please? I have Patrons unable to view content if they have notifications turned off. I assume this is why I’ve had so many lower pledges drop the past couple of months.

I need a fix on this ASAP or an integration of the set early access feature for Patrons only.

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