Channel clone?

Hello community!

not sure if this is the correct place to this, pls apologize if there is not…

I have received the notice from one of the subscribers of my channel about the appearance of another channel in Patreon that proposes with identical words (copied from ME even in the expressions on tiers) courses of cosmetics (like me) in a printable format identical to mine, by what although they have not yet released, I suspect that they will be made from my material.

in case you need verification, my channel:

and the “maybe is a copycat” channel :

As examples, they call up even the tiers of my channel, and copycat propose identical formats to mine, and identical themes to which I have published

so…What we do?

Patreon controls in some way the authenticity and intellectual property of the materials published on its platform?

What if, my work is published, disseminated and generates economic performance to a mere content thief?

Is there some kind of protection for me as author?

If I have developed a format, and my own contents, Patreon protects my work-format-content-project-idea as a content generator, or only charges commissions?

My idea … well, of course, subscribe to that channel, see if they have really copied my work (they have not yet edited anything, they will have to take their time to type my contents again …) or merely have copied the names for tiers, format, and idea…and if they uses my contents … Report, but is possible?

You protect us from Patreon in some way, or is this just a Jungle?

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Yes, you should file a report! You can do so under the “more” and click “report this creator”. It’ll ask you what you want to report them for and you can say for something in their profile & tiers, and file a DMCA copyright claim against them. You have all the proof to do so. Just take screenshots of their profile and your profile. Patreon support has the numbers that show they posted after you, so they can take necessary action.




Simrell thank you very much!