Charge Up Front not showing

I really need to have charge up front on my page but its just not there, is there anyway to actually get it added as I have already had a few patreons come and go after taking my stuff without actually paying for it. Is it only on specific categories or totally random who has access to this function?
Thanks for any help!

There’s nothing you can do to prompt it to appear other than be on Patreon for a while.

It’s rolled out after a set amount of time and activity on your page. They state in the support not to request it and that they can’t give an estimate when it’ll be available to you.

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I previously had access to charge up front, but then noticed that it vanished. I asked support about this as I’d been about to enable charge up front - I’d even verified my account for charge up front and everything! Support informed me that there’d been significant problems with it, so they’d removed it from most accounts and were very selectively adding it back to some accounts.

I’m hoping to get charge up front back on my page soon, but it hasn’t happened yet *crosses fingers *

(There wasn’t anything on the support email about this being confidential, so I think it’s okay to share this information.)

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The time and active must be arbitrary thought.
I had almost 300 in donations in the past month, and still no up-front
and people with like 3 patrons had it

Honestly I think it should be enabled for everyone. Many people (around 80%) come, benefit from all rewards, and leave. It’s a really bad way to start on Patreon, really.

I believe it’s randomized actually. There’s no explicit time period.

My friend has about 60 patrons and she hasn’t gotten access to it yet.

When I got it, it was during a time when I was posting almost every other day, and my patreon went from like $100 a month to $400 a month in the span of like 3 months. That was a long time ago. My prior patreon (for an animation studio) meanwhile never got charge up front, despite the fact that it had many more patrons. However, its activity was much lower, with maybe 4 posts a month.

I’m assuming that activity contributed.

Communication would be great! Need this for my new Patreon!

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This has become a real issue for me. Patreon needs to get their act together because as soon as a competitor pops up with a better platform Patreon will lose many contributors. And there is no doubt that most Patrons are here because of the contributor and not Patreon themselves. It is very different to Kickstarter in that regard.

I can’t really fault them since its a complex feature that has been getting constant feedback and wanted changes since it’s inception. I can agree with having to take it down if it’s causing problems but yeah it’s been in beta for so long. I’d poke @carla , previously when @ellie was around, she was able to get it setup with people who requested it here so perhaps carla can do the same?

Yep, if you direct message me, I can put you on a list, which is reviewed by the team. Once they’ve reviewed and everything looks good, it can be enabled. It is still selective and I’m not privvy to the entirety of their evaluation rubric. It’s much easier in a direct message, so I can follow up too.


I believe at one point I sent you a message regarding this feature and whether I was eligible for it but I didn’t hear back so I don’t know whther I’m in a waiting list or just not eligible for some reason.

I’ve been here since August and have (at the moment, after losing a bunch on pay day) 57 patrons and around $500 a month.

This month wasn’t too bad for losses… I lost about eight patrons and around $60ish on pay day but I would still much prefer people to pay up front! I’ve been posting every four days snce August so I’m certain I have enough of a library to justify someone paying before viewing everything.