Charge upfront option


I would like to know how or when can get this option.


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There are lots of topics about this :slight_smile: . Message @carla as she may be able to get you on the list to get the feature. Just be sure you read all the rules and info on it because once you choose it, you cannot undo it. Many artists have been trapped into this system and now cannot undo it when they found it was not what they wanted or it didn’t work for them. (Many of us wont use it because it can screw over our patrons and ourselves but it really depends on how you manage your project. Just be sure to read up so you don’t get stuck like some others!)

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Yep! Please direct message me @jgn079 , it makes things much easier for me to track.

For me is the only solution on Patreon for those who subscribe and leave before the payday, downloading all the content you have there.

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Many of us deal with this issue, however due to recent events Patreon staff have said they are looking into ways to prevent this so you may want to wait a little bit to see what they do as the pay upfront restrictions may not be the best solution until you know what they plan to do to combat the issue.

As i´ve suffering this behaivor from some patrosn since my first month here ( now my 7th), i think we have give enough time to Patreon staff to find a solution… Indeed i think Patreon site never should be started without a protection meassure for creators.
The only thing we can againts rotter patrons is block they to prevent they steal us again… or charge upfront option, so…

Well, patreon started off differently than what it is today. Things evolve. Just make sure you read all the charge upfront info before doing it as you cannot undo it in the future. In the end, it is up to you.

this right here! Things got a whole lot better when I applied charge upfront to my patreon.

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Hi Fullmetaliffrit!
How much time passed from when you requested it until you could activate that option?

I believe at the time it was in beta, it became an option and as soon as I noticed I turned it on.

I was told they are looking into whether I’m eligible for it but I’m still waiting to hear back after a few weeks. It’s definitely frustrating to watch people subscribe just to disappear on pay day and then come back afterwards.

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For that is the block user option… They can do, but they can do only once to me!

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Really don´t know why was avaliable in the past and now not…:grimacing: