Charge Upfront: Patrons takes content for free, does that happens to you too?

It would be nice that patreon just automatically and instantly dropped declined patrons from the supporter list, not ‘‘former patron’’ not ‘‘active patron’’ because it always may lead to some bug they can take advantage to take content without paying. Lately i have seen a lot of these:

My patreon is charge upfront

There are users that gets the $10 or $25 pledge rewards without paying by getting the declined status

Now i have a very long list of blocked users, because i don’t want people getting my content for free thanks to a patreon bug

I hope patreon fixes that

Or that part is bugged, or patreon has a bug on the payment history. If it’s the second option let me know to unblock these people

does that happen to you (creators) too when you search on that way?


Hey @Sify, thanks for making this post! I know we chatted about this in our Patreon Discord and our team are investigating this bug further.


I’ve been curious about this myself. My understanding was that they were not shown content upon signing up until their payment went through it if it was after the first payment that they are not shown content until their card is successfully charged for the month. If that is not the case then I may have a handful of people stealing content from me every month because I always have a few declines. This is one more reason we need to be able to remove Patrons without banning them.


A supporter of mine has confirmed that they got access without being charged.

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I would be really interested to hear what happens with this thread. Have a fair few declined cards. Would be really handy to be able to remove people with out banning them.

Sadly that very requested feature doesn’t exist yet. You will have to block them and then unblock them if you want to drop them :/.

And how many months (years?) have we been asking for a way to remove patrons without banning them? HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE, PATREON?

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I’ve noticed irregularities like this every once in a while, but I just had one that is especially odd and concerning.

I received an email of a new patron for my page, it said they were a new $2 patron. Checking Patreon notifications did not show them, but checking the Relationship Manager page showed them as being a $5 patron (not $2 like the email said) and their payment was declined and did not go through. However, I also got notifications that this patron “liked” two of my posts. This means they were able to get access to my posts without paying.

If this bug is true this is a HUGE issue that Patreon needs to fix asap!

EDIT: It seems this situation wasn’t due to a bug, it was an odd combination of certain notifications not showing and the patron in question upgrading their tier then leaving. Even so, I’ve seen odd notifications like this before (and other times notifications not showing up) so it’s still an unfortunate issue.

It is a bug that is happening to other creators, here is another affected

And it seems it have been there for some months :confused: It is very weird that patreon hasn’t fixed it quick.