Chargeback abuse using paypal so people are starting to use paypal to force chargebacks on patreon , getting all the content they want for free and then leaking it without any concequence.

Imagine someone pledging $100 to a small creator to get a custom reward (a traditional commission by example),the creator expend time,materials and shipping cost to deliver their rewards, and then the ‘‘supporter’’ report itself as ‘‘fraudulent activity’’ and forces a $100 chargeback leaving the creator on negative numbers after all the effort they did. Do you think this is fair? Is it necesary to still having paypal as a payment option if it always ask you to link a credit card anyways?

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Hey @Sify, thank you for posting about this and sharing your concern. Patreon currently covers any chargebacks and related fees when it comes to PayPal or card purchases. That being said, we fight every single chargeback that is presented to us no matter the reason as this is an expensive practice that we currently take on. As of today, if that chargeback is lost, Patreon covers that loss. Hope that helps!


Does that means that the chargeback isn’t taken from the creator and patreon pays it?


Yep - Patreon currently covers any chargebacks and related fees.


Ooh, glad they changed that!