Charging selected patrons per post

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently restarted my Patreon page, and in doing so have changed it slightly. So, out of thoughtfulness to those patrons who signed up to the page as it was, I thought I could simply offer the new elements of the page as options for higher tiers. So (to simplify), the page started off to support my illustration work, and now I want to add comics. If patrons want comics, as well, they can sign up to higher tiers. Clear?

However - and here’s the problem - I charge per creation (not per month), and it turns out that it is simply not possible to charge selected patrons for certain posts. So, my idea of only charging (e.g.) $2 patrons for illustration, and $3 patrons for illustration PLUS comics, is apparently not workable, because YOU CAN ONLY CHARGE ALL PATRONS OR NONE.

I’d therefore like to suggest this as a feature: to allow creators to charge selected tier patrons per creation/post. Is that doable? What do people think?



Honestly, I think what you’re proposing is solved by just switching to a monthly charge. How often do you post new content each month? If you’re posting finished pieces more than 2 or 3 times a month, then it makes more sense to be monthly instead of per-post.

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Hi Simrell. I take your point, but unfortunately there are times when I don’t post at all. I used to be on a per-month basis, but it was a headache - always worrying about whether I would post enough. Anyway, per-creation works for me. And besides, if Patreon offers a per-creation model, then it seems reasonable that this would be a feature of it.

I think, on reflection, I’m just going to charge all patrons for the main posts, and then offer extra content for higher pledges. That’s probably simplest.