Checkout page issues, unable to choose tiers

Hi everyone,

My patrons are reporting that are having issues with the checkout page again, the first time occurred during past weekend. They’re unable to choose the membership tiers on the checkout page, they’re given the option of $5 custom pledge by default only.

I tried by myself from a test account I created and it’s happening the same issue described by my patrons. On the checkout page isn’t being shown the “show/hide tier description option”, the link is broken.

It doesn’t matter what tier I choose on the homepage, it gets me to the checkout page with $5 default amount with no tier and I can’t change the amount. For example, if I choose the $15 tier the checkout page shows a $5 amount instead, and I don’t have the option to choose any tier. This is the same issue my patrons are reporting!

I’m very concerned and annoyed because this is the second time this issue has happened in a week. I’m losing money because my patrons can’t join the tier they want. Patreon is my main source of income! I figure I’ve lost at least $200!

I’d like to know if someone else is experiencing this issue with the checkout page?


Lolo Barros

Hi everyone,

This is an update after two days without getting a reply from Patreon support to the checkout page issue I’m experiencing.

It’s Monday and the checkout page issue hasn’t been solved yet! I have 16 new patrons that don’t have a tier! I would like to know how Patreon can compensate them and me for loosing money! I’m sure those patrons won’t renew their subscription on April because they’re not having access to their tier benefits!

I’m very disappointed because Patreon support haven’t solved this serious issue that’s affecting my earnings in a timely manner!

Please let me know if someone is having this issue too.


Lolo Barros

Okay, I’m sorry if it sounds like an unhelpful question, but I have to ask: how long ago did you contact Patreon’s support, either in e-mail or through the online form?

I contacted Patreon support by email and Twitter on Saturday, March 21. Until today, Tuesday, March 24 I haven’t received any reply, and the checkout page issue continues. I’m losing the trust of my patrons, and money as well!

Why not give it one more try? Go to
and click the link in the box that says “Can’t find what you’re looking for?

It will send you to the online form for support. I’ve always gotten a response using that.

Hey there @lorebarros, thanks for making this post and flagging this.

  1. I can confirm this is a bug we’re experiencing right now. I’m sorry for the frustration and confusion this issue is causing and our team is investigating it at the moment. I don’t have a timeline for when it will be fixed but we’re looking into it.
  2. It looks like someone from our support team got back to you this morning. Thanks so much for reporting the bug there too.

I’ll update this thread once I know any more or when it’s resolved!

Hey Mindy,

Thanks for the information. Patreon Support reached me yesterday telling me that they were able to reproduce the checkout page issue my patrons are experiencing.

I’m feeling very disappointed because my patrons are losing trust in me. I guess that many of them won’t renew their subscription in April, and that worries me a lot because my earnings will be seriously affected.

I want to know what Patreon can do to compensate me and my patrons. There are 16 patrons who haven’t been able to choose a tier so far!

Thanks again for your concern. I hope the issue can be solved before the the beginning of April.



I’m happy to confirmed this bug is now fixed :raised_hands:

The bug was that tiers that were sold out were shown (in some rare cases) as still clickable. However, as you experienced, clicking them would take you to “custom pledge”. Now we’ve fixed that and tiers are correctly shown as sold out and unclickable when they are sold out, like so.

You will need to expand the number of spaces in your tiers if you still want people to join these.

Hope that helps!

Hi Mindy,

Thanks for your support. I’m seeing the bug is fixed! I’ll keep you updated of future issues.

Now comes the hard thing… How can I get my 16 patrons who have no tier to subscribe to the respective tier? Is Patreon able to do this job for me? If my patrons don’t join any of the tiers they won’t be able to see the specific content I’m posting, so they’ll have paid in vain.

Please tell me that Patreon can do something about this other issue I’m having.



Sadly at this time only patrons can edit their membership tier. You won’t be able to move patrons from “no benefit” to a tier on your end nor can we. I encourage you to reach out to them directly (either email or on via Patreon message) and pass along this article from our Help Center to guide patrons through selecting a new tier:

This is happening again. I submitted a ticket, but I’ve already had two $25 signups while this tier is no longer available. Both Patrons told me they were able to click the “join” button despite this tier being full, which prompted them to make a custom pledge. Since these people are new to patreon, they were confused but still pledged and I am unable to fulfil the rewards.