Chibird Joining Hang Time on Wednesday 12/18!

Hey everyone! I’m the creator of Chibird, and I’ll be joining Hang Time this Wednesday at 10 am as a Patreon Creator!

I create positive, motivational comics and GIFs, and I started drawing my comics in 2010 (which is nearly 10 years ago). I was still in school then, and now I’ve graduated and I’m working as an engineer!

2 years ago, I started my Patreon, first with only digital rewards, and now with physical rewards as well. I started shipping pins every month as part of my new Positive Pin Club, and it’s been a huge spike for my Patreon. I’ve definitely had my share of stumbles, and I’ve learned a lot about growth and talking about my Patreon to my audience over the past few years.

While I’m still figuring everything out myself, I’d love to share anything about my experiences to help other creators. You can submit questions in advance on CrowdCast (link here:, and I hope to see you all soon!


We’re so excited to see you guest on Hang Time!!


Can’t wait to see you on the hangtime! It’s gonna be great! Anything in particular you’re excited to talk about?


Thank you so much! I’d love to talk about how my Patreon has changed over the years, and building the community on it. : ) Also, how my patrons helped me go from no merch online to shipping packages every month!


Sounds great! I’m hyped! Best of luck tomorrow, I will be watching :slight_smile: