Churning Patrons because of bug

Hey Patreon!

I’ve had about 10 people over the last few months tell me that they’re unable to pledge to our page. They’re saying your site won’t let them leave the main page and when they do get it, it won’t let them select a payment option. I reached out a few weeks ago and didn’t get a response.

These are only the reported issues. I’m sure it’s affecting the people who haven’t reported it to us. This would make sense since our pledge rate abruptly dropped off.

Attached is a screenshot of someone who has tried several times.

We look forward to hearing back from you so that we can both maximize our revenue.

Thanks Patreon!

It’s not the same problem but It can be related, I think patreon it’s not supporting old versions of some browsers (it’s logic). I have installed an old version of Chrome (49.0.2623.110 (64-bit)) that it behaves fine, but it can’t loads any profile page of patreon. On the other side I have installed Firefox too and it loads all profile pages with no problem.

The problem that you comment, Is it ocurring in all browsers?