Claiming Benefits and Patreon? (UK question, but applies to any country)

Sorry if this isn’t the place for it- trying to find the best section.

So: I’ve been Patreon Creator for years now, and it’s lovely to share and grow a community. Thing is, I’m disabled with some time-consuming chronic illnesses, thus unable to work any of this full time (barely part-time) and unable to work a more stable job alongside it. I’ve not been earning enough to live on, and I finally admitted that I needed to apply for Benefits for a chance to remotely survive (currently PIP, & Housing).

But I’m a little worried Patreon may effect the application process? Has it ever effected any of your benefit applications negatively? Or even if it’s come up at all?

Note: I’m self-employed, but only earning for certain around £60 - £120 a month through Patreon; it’s not much, but it meets the £1000 threshold for a ‘hobby business’ so it’s a weird one. Not really enough to live on, obviously fickle, and jobs are very slim due to the disability. Luckily PIP at least isn’t based on income, but I wonder if it would be seen negatively in the eyes of an interviewer.

As for the UK, I think the DWP will regard it as income in the same was as HMRC would.

As such they will apply the rules to determine the affect on a benefit (if any). The fact that it is Patreon will be irrelevant I suspect. I don’t think they would have the right to tell you to earn more through Patreon as a way of avoiding a benefit claim.

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That was what I thought/was hoping. I’ve noticed going through my accountant on similar things that it’s often done in batches. So over £1000, up to £10000 a year, etc. and I doubt I’ll be going for £10000 anytime soon haha (I wish).

Your reply really helped back up that thought, so thank you for that.