Collaborate with Jack Conte on upcoming video!

Submissions closed

We’re looking to collaborate with ~10 Patreon creators on a workshop Jack Conte is filming on how to grow your YT subscribers! You need to be free on Monday 11th May, 10-11am PT, plus an initial 30 minute phone call with our producer this week.

The video will be published on JackConteExtras YT channel and you’ll be fully credited for your involvement in the video description.

Submit your interest here:

Thanks for all the submissions! This video is now live:


Hmpf… I would have loved to participate! If there’s anything else planned like this in the future, I’d love to get an invite! :slight_smile:

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No worries @What_about_it! We have plenty of future opportunities coming up :slight_smile: I’ll update this thread when the next one arises and I’ve got your name on our shortlist too. Thanks for the interest!

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Hey @mindy,

Awesome to hear! I am already looking forward to it! :ok_hand::grin: