Coming soon: Dashboard updates

Hey everyone!

We’re making updates to the Creator Income Dashboards which is being announced today with an email sent out to creators previewing the upcoming updates.

These updates are specifically focused to bring you clarity, accuracy, and more visibility into factors that affect your earnings. That said, these are just the first wave of improvements we want to make. We know that you want to easily check in on the health of your membership and see if your strategies are working and the objective is to help you do that with these and future improvements.

Have ideas, feedback, or a vision of your own for Income Dashboards of the future? Come join us in Discord, the team working on this will be hanging out in the #income-dashboard-updates channel to answer questions and chat with you about these updates. If you’re not yet in Patreon’s Discord, you can join by clicking here: Official Patreon Community


Wonderful! Does the new Income Dashboard include a currency field? ie. a way to see what currency our Patrons are pledging in?

Now that Patreon has introduced multiple currencies (yay) we really need a way to see how many people are pledging in which currency - as this will determine which payout currency we should use.

Currently there is no way to view this metric in Relationship manager, the only way is via third-party tools, which cost money.

I’m not on Discord so if you could please raise this at your meeting that would be just fab :facepunch:

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  1. Removing the “Amount pledged at end of month” column

Uh why? What’s the reasoning on that?

Hey there. @gamingonlinux ,

Thank you for the question. Alongside the changes to the Earnings Dashboard where we’ve added the “Attempted Amount Charged” column, we’re trying to orient you around attempted charges rather than pledges, because pledges could cause confusion by being inflated due to long-term declined statuses, pledge and cancel behavior, making the “amount pledged at end of month” a sometimes confusing number when compared to you actual earnings.

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Hey @thejuicemedia, thank you for raising this point! Definitely something we’re thinking about as we continue making improvements, thank you for bringing it up.

I see, thanks for the clear reply, makes sense.

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Looks like you rolled it out. It’s broken on mobile, it’s all squashed together.

Hey @gamingonlinux Thanks for bringing it up! Were you using it on mobile before and it looked okay? You can force mobile web browser to open the desktop page, as a workaround for the now, while I report this back to the team.

Yep, before the update it was fine, now everything is squashed and impossible to read. Looks like someone tweaked your padding/margins and messed it up. Tested on Chrome and Firefox mobile, both problematic. The margins at the sides on mobile are massive.