COMING SOON | Improvements to Patron Relationship Manager

I miss the old relationship manager too. :cry:


I went to download a CSV of my Patron list to prepare this month’s shipment, and I cannot find the download link/option anywhere for some reason. Is it just me, or is that option gone now? Entirely possible I am losing my mind or looking in the wrong place, but I thought it was here:

Edited to add: That screenshot is from Safari on a Mac. When I switch to Chrome, the CSV download link is on the page as I expected. So some kind of glitch with Safari, I guess…

It’s been over two months. Is there a way to do this for all my releases in a month yet, or do I still have to filter the list and then download the resulting CSV ten different times and then combine the data from those ten CSVs at my end just to get the data that was presented to me as soon as I logged in three months ago?


Hi everyone,

Just a heads up that we’ve highlighted some updates to Patron Relationship Manager in this new thread, along with a preview of what will be available in the coming weeks.


Hi everyone – we’re looking for creators to join the new PRM beta group! Click here to fill out the form and get early access.


Happy to join! Looking forward to hearing more. Hopefully I’m not too late…

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New PRM filters are here! Head to the thread below to learn more about these amazing new filters we hope save you time and make it easier for you to deliver your benefits to patrons. :slight_smile:

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Hi there! I would love general location data for patrons (without having to collect addresses, as I don’t send any physical rewards). City or even just country would be helpful - is that findable?

I am John from Crippled God Foundry.
For some reason, from May 1st, i cannot access the Relationship Manager page. It loads a blank Page.
This is a Huge and Serious Issue as I cannot give the benefits to the paying Patrons.
I have made a ticket but the Support works at a Snails Pace.
Please look into it!
Have other Creators experience a same issue?

Try signing out, clearing cookies/cache for Patreon, restarting your browser, and signing in again. I have to re-authenticate about once a month and the behavior of the pages is strange if I don’t.

My guess is a cookie expiration, though it could be something else.

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