Comment box doesn't scroll with text

This is a major annoyance reported by a lot of patrons. Will this ever be fixed?

A week later, and no action. Is this forum a waste of time?

First and foremost, it’s usually best to send in bug reports directly to the tech team via a support ticket. A specific team needs to see these reports and they really aren’t here. (This place is good if you’ve got an urgent report that hasn’t been responded to in a reasonable amount of time, meaning business -week- days. They don’t work weekends.)

You may want to elaborate in your support ticket on what device you are talking about. Website? App? What OS & browser are you using? (otherwise there’s not much to go off of here to start looking into it.)

( Also AFAIK, the community team, the folks that usually answer here and on discord, are some of the folks working on a big event they are hosting this weekend, Patreon Assembly, and are likely preoccupied with that.)