Comment System Oddities

I have some feedback for the comment system and some questions that would be really helpful if answered.

  1. Is there a particular thought process behind why we can’t see who liked a comment? We can see who liked a post if we hover, though not comments. It would be helpful if we could.

  2. Comments don’t thread properly after one reply, leaving any discussion looking like an unformatted mess.

  3. In the past pictures inserted into posts are automatically resized to a painfully low resolution. As an artist it’s an awful limitation to have to deal with and I’d prefer to see that limitation go, however lately even when I dedicate a post to an image by making it an image post I’m still seeing resizing. Is this a fluke or something that is going to continue? Having to host my images elsewhere is doable but would be extremely disappointing.


Hi @Corablue, thanks for making this thread to collect thoughts about comments on Patreon. I’m going to sit down with someone from our product team to get more insight into your questions and about comments on Patreon in general. I’ll report back with more!

I haven’t seen those issues personally. But I have noticed comments showing up as incomplete in mobile view. What I mean by that is, on my email notification and the app a comment by a Patron may only be 1 sentence long, but when I go back and look on my PC suddenly the comment is several sentences long. I’ve seen it happen a few times now.

Hello @Corablue, thank you for these questions… here’s some context.

  1. There isn’t… this is something we want to add going forward.

  2. This is good feedback. Threading conversations is a big topic, and different platforms have enabled different levels of threading to exist. Facebook has a single level of threading, for example. I agree that there are downsides to this decision, so it’s something we’re open to exploring in the future, but at the moment I’d say it’s lower priority than the first issue you mentioned.

  3. Can you send us a couple examples of this happening? We can look into it and see if the resizing logic is overzealous. We do have to resize a bit, to make it load faster on slower connections, but we would like to do this in a way that doesn’t impact the experience.


Thank you for the reply!

On the first point that’s good to hear. On the second point, I totally get that there can’t be unlimited threading and that eventually you’d run into overflow issues. I think my ideal solution if you’re looking for feedback is a “See More Replies” link after 2 threads? It’s something that’s hard to say for sure without testing and seeing, but on gut feel that seems right.

On the last point about image resizing, I’ve done a lot of investigating on my end. The issue I thought I had with it was a 2k x 3k image being resized to 500px tall. This was either a server distribution error at the time or user error due to me trying to save the thumbnail that appears on the feed.

It was then that I delved into the CSS and code to find out exactly how you’re serving up images. Even knowing exactly how it works now, in my opinion there’s still a lot of room for confusion and I’d like to offer additional feedback.

  1. On image uploads there is no download button. Being that the entire point of an image post is a file, this seems like a missed opportunity and potential cause for confusion considering the feed image is resized.

  2. Even on click the image is constrained to 90vh. That’s understandable because large images shouldn’t necessarily be made illegible by falling off screen, but it’s the enlarge function that’s especially frustrating. The enlarge button constraints to 1000px width. This means the user has absolutely zero user friendly ways of viewing a full size image in the browser. It could also lead a user to believe that the image itself is no larger than 1000px. Without a download or opening with a right click there is no way to know.

(By my math it also means that on 4k the enlarge button does nothing, which is more amusing than it is a problem)

If you could give me a way to serve the full sized images to my patrons I’d be really excited. :slight_smile:


@Corablue This all makes sense. I will investigate and get back to you on this. If you’d like to offer the images for download, have you considered uploading the full sized image as an attachment to the post?


Any high res image I offer for download gets posted as an attachment, with a clearly lower res version of it where the image for the post goes.


I’ll give attachments a shot this week when I post something next. I hadn’t even seen the tiny clip down there before now to be honest. If it throws up a download link that’s a good stopgap measure until we have a way of viewing the full size in browser.

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I’d like to throw in my two cents that my users overwhelmingly hate the lack of threading. I get complaints about it all the time.

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thank you ALL for the feedback and thoughts around comments, and thanks to @buster for giving us an update.

I’m not sure I’m in the right place, but perhaps you can help.

I have issues with the “loading more comments” feature on my posts. It never seems to load the newer comments. I can only see and reply to the first 4.

My work around is to go into my notifications and reply from there, but it’s cumbersome. Any help or tips you can provide would be great.


Hi @lushinlace, welcome to the forum! For this kind of thing, please write into the Patreon support team as they will need to be able to look into your account to see what’s causing this oddity.