Comment System Suggestions?

One of the things I really wish I had, because it was so tremendously helpful in growing community, is a better comment system. This was the feedback I’d collected from some authors using Patreon about issues they have with it:

• Threading is poor; it looks like you can only reply once to a person and then threading stops (this decreases engagement and slows the growth of the community).
• Carriage returns post the comment instead of putting in line breaks (lack of line breaks makes for “wall of text”-like comments, and no one likes to read those).
• System does not appear to notify people of replies so they can return and continue the conversation.

Does anyone else have any wishlists for the comment system? I really miss seeing my Patrons talk to one another more…!


I so agree with you here! The community aspect is my favourite part of Patreon, and the comment system as it is currently formed does not inspire much conversation between patrons! I hope this is something they’re aware of :). I’m sure they’re on it :smiley:

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I hope so too! I was noticing it again today, that threading is broken and that makes it really hard to hold conversations, or to encourage my patrons to use the community to talk with one another.

As a way to indicate some of the issues, here’s a post I made that developed threading problems pretty much immediately:

There were 37 comments! On my old blog platform, that would have easily been double with people replying to one another, but because people can only reply to each other once, it basically died.

(It is for my $1+ patrons, but the developers should be able to see it, I imagine.)