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hey there. i want to run a couple experiments for some song releases im doing to figure out the most effective ways to sign up patrons. id like to hear from fellow creators about some ways that they found were most effective in getting people to become patrons. im not gonna look at retaining patrons for these experiments for now, just new sign ups. respond below with your feedback and ill development some experiments based on these. i’ll also share my findings with the community.

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Hey @Sibuor! Just wanted to chime in with a few ideas that I’ve seen creators use that you could experiment with.

Have you tried running a Special Offer? Special Offers are limited-time campaigns in which you offer a special benefit to your community. They’re great for upselling patrons and bringing in new patrons. We have workshops about them and a bunch of information if you go to your Offers tab - just “Edit your page” then check out the Offers section.

We’re also running a livestream about Facebook Ads next Thursday, you can sign up here: that might have some great info for you.

Excited to hear from other folks what they’d like to contribute. How long have you been on Patreon? You could do a benefits revamp and change some components of your page, then let your community know that there are new benefits available, pricing changes, etc.

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Hey @laurab . Thanks for this. I’ve been on Patreom for about 10 months now. I haven’t done a special offer yet. I’m going to look at running one soon. Do you guys collect stats on how effective or not special offers are?

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My biggest successes:

  • Using the “linked”/call to action Stories on Instagram. You need 10k+ followers and a business account to get that function, though.

  • I recently significantly cut down on the number of public posts I do. I think it’s important to show occasional content publicly as teasers, but I cut back from 3+ public posts a week to maybe 1 a week and I started seeing a lot more pledges.

  • I mention it in my YouTube videos and then link to my Patreon in the video description.

I think those are my 3 biggest draws.


Thank you!

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