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Patreon, Im hoping you can help. As my patreon community grows (Im closing in on 300 patrons now). Im trying to encourage more community posts and activity so my patreon space becomes more active and vibrant. I can see it starting to happen and a willingness for people to share things… but my patreons are reporting 2 big problems

a) Only posting 1 picture on a community post is seriously limiting… It would be sooo much better if it was like facebook.

b) The patreon app… My patrons tell me they cannot use this app to post pictures, and general feedback on the app is poor.

Its early days I know but I was wondering if there are plans to make improvements to this.

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I know this isn’t really an answer, but i had asked about some of the restrictions a long while ago and was told by staff that the limits on what patrons can post are there to prevent a spam problem. Which i can completely understand, even if it’s a pain sometimes when good/respectful patrons want to interact.

For me, I run a discord server and most of my patrons are on there and we are able to interact much better there than on patreon anyways. (I think patreon should be better and easier to post on, for sure, but in the meantime, there are some other community building options in if you find any of them useful to you and your audience. )

cheers Temrim, I did look at the dischord one of my patreons suggested it… heres the problem. I have to have patreon active and I have to check it as if patreons message I want to answer swiftly. I typically have to have YT open all the time as well. Im usually uploading checking stats or comments or something. Beyond this I have FB, Instragram, Twitter to manage. Im just not sure if I have the bandwidth to have something on a dischord server…

but I will check doschord out more… would be great if guys could post like 6-10 pictures in the initial posts like on facebook. It would amaze me if this was not desirable for all patreons. Its causing me problems though, one picture doesnt allow my patreons to tell a story or cover much ground.

I’m curious, why do your patrons need to send you images in posts? I took a quick look at your patreon but do not see why that would be needed. So i’m curious! :slight_smile:

Unless, you mean you want to be able to post multiple images in -your- posts on patreon, which you now can as there is a gallery feature for image posts. (And you can add them into the post itself too using the photo icon that shows up when you start a new line.)

I generally just have my patrons link me what they need to send me, if they don’t have discord.

so people might show like an issue with their paintwork on their car… Or they might show me pictures of their garage or their cars, or review a product in use… Its just like facebook theres a requirement to post more than one pix. With no pictures there is less context to the post its less inviting (image facebook with no pictures)

What Im trying to do is get the community tab of my patreon flowing and get my patreons communicating… It creates like engagement and interest (for me as well). and makes my community most appealing. Everyone gets more out of it. Other wise the patreon page will be like a ghost town. There are only groups on facebook which dominate this sort of online remit. Patreon also has an opportunity to be a place where vibrant communities are formed just like facebook. The advantge is its a safer private community away from trolls as well. But the current community limitations throttle back the potential for patreon to grow in this area.

I get a ton of messages from guys also saying they cant figure out how to post pictures on patreon and the patreon app does not work well.

As the patreon creator yes I can post multiple pics… But I dont think people can in community posts. I dont actually think it would have any effects in terms of spam. not sure

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Aaaaah i see. Good info and a nice use of the community tab for sure!

It could have been something spam related because a while back, the community tab was public to all looking at your page. Only patrons could initiate a post, but anyone could comment, like/heart posts, and generally view what was going on. Recently i noticed it is no longer public, which stinks for me because i used them as a place for my community to review my patreon and now those reviews cannot be seen by the public when i link to them so it’s messed that up for me. XD BUT, being public, it could get trolled/spammed in the comments of posts by non patrons at one point and that’s probably why the permission settings changed to patrons only.

Yeah the app has issues and it being so different from the browser in some areas is a pain for sure.

I have a sewing and fashion group as patrons. I teach patterns design and sewing. It is absolutely necessary for my patrons to post pictures of their projects for feedback and assistance from me and community discussions. At this point the posting is clunky and unfortunately undesirable for me. However I’ve done a video for my patrons demonstrating the process of uploading pictures albeit one by one. They have begun doing their best.

Here’s a sample of the types of pictures patrons send me for review.

It really is too much to ask my patrons to have all the different platforms and for myself to chase down student project pics via email, instagram, Facebook and other avenues. Especially when I have sold them on the one stop shop of a patron membership. This is. Membership site correct? It is showing a strain as it is to have Vimeo, crowdcast, Youtube, and other workarounds for deliverables. Why should our communications be all over the place.

Kajabe is starting to look more and more
appealing. Just saying.

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