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Welcome to the Patreon forum! We are THRILLED you are here and can’t wait to get to know you. Here are some other community spaces you may be interested in :slight_smile:

  1. We have a Discord server! Join here:
  2. Curious if Patreon is coming to a city near you? Check our events hub to see when and where our next community events are:
  3. Join us for Hang Time, our monthly live hangout with Patreon CEO Jack and firends:

The Amazingly Accurate Patreon Community Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything

  • Have a question? Try the help site! 97% of people who visit find the answer they need without having to write into the Support team:

  • No luck there? Write into support! They are here to provide prompt, human replies and are the experts at Patreon. They document bugs, track common feature requests, and know how to use Patreon inside-out

  • Is Patreon down? Or there’s having a serious technical issue? Check: or follow the status bot on Twitter

  • Have a question about guidelines or being an 18+ creator? Email:

  • Looking for case studies, marketing 101 help, in depth guides, and more? Visit the Patreon blog