Community Tab is Missing

Hi there,

I know that the Community tab on patreon pages is supposed to be next to the “Posts” and “My membership tab”, but I created a 2nd patreon page just to test some things out and I noticed that the Community tab isn’t there. Even if someone supports.

Is there a way or a setting to make this visible?


We have retired the Community section for new creator pages. While the community page is no longer available, we understand the importance of fostering conversation with your biggest fans.

Patreon offers a variety of options to help you manage your patron community. If you’re on our Pro plan you can enable built-in integrations like Discord or Discourse for conversations with patrons. These platforms are built for community management and engagement, and I recommend exploring how these integrations might work with your business.

I’m linking you to an article from our Help Center that talks more about how these integrations can help you with patron community management: Community tools for your patrons: Community tools for my patrons – Patreon Help Center


Thank you for the info and I’ll be sure to check out the link you sent. Also for older creator pages that still have the Community tab, will that be kept for them indefinitely? Or at least from what you know of?


We have no current plans to remove the Community tab for existing creators.

Uck! What a bummer. I moved to patreon thinking my patrons would get the same things the people I support have.
Dislike very much! Bring back the community tab!